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Thank you to Mrs McCabe who accompanied the runners during training as well as during the run through the Tiergarten.

NMS is doing its part to keep our school community safe – offline and online. Our school has now been awarded the silver E-Safety Label by European Schoolnet, an upgrade from the bronze label that we held in the past two years. More info about NMS' Acceptable Use Policy, IT Development Group and other IT-related matters, can be found here.

This year, Primary school students and teachers of year 4, 5 and 6 have been attending internal Online Safety workshops, where (depending on the age group) issues such as password safety, online predators, cyberbullying and proper use of social media have been addressed. The use of Facebook and WhatsApp has been discussed, both the positive and the potentially dangerous aspects. Our students generally have a good understanding of what is (not) appropriate, where teasing stops and bullying starts. Most social media use happens outside school grounds, yet students and teachers agree that issues with WhatsApp class chats also need to be dealt with at school – as this is the only place where we can approach such topics with the entire class.

Talk to your children about these issues, what they know and worry about, but also ask them about the cool stuff – how the Internet and social media are used for learning and entertainment, homework support, creation, coding, what games are being played. Play (or code!) a game together; you may be surprised to see what skills your kids have developed. When gaming doesn't exceed any reasonable limits you set, it can improve hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, strategic thinking skills. Gaming is also often more social than it appears, for instance in multi-player games. Be aware of the fact that games such as Fifa, Minecraft, Sims or even Club Penguin are social media of a kind, as it allows your child to chat with others, including strangers. Therefore it is advisable to approach these issues and to ask younger children to use the Internet in your living room, rather than isolated in their own bedroom.

Am 23.04.2016 fand in Berlin die Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft der Männer im Modernen Fünfkampf statt. Der Fünfkampf besteht aus den Disziplinen Fechten, Reiten, Schwimmen und Combined (Schießen und Laufen). Im Rahmen dieses Wettkampfes fand die Deutsche Juniorenmeisterschaft statt. Timothy Jenner, Kl. Q4, startete für den OSC Potsdam. Er gewann nach einem starken Wettkampf Platz 3.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

The IB students’ final exams are done!

Dear parents, teachers, educators and friends,

The countdown is on: The Boogie Night on June 4th, at the fantastic event location Gilka in Schöneberg, is right around the corner. Hurry to get your tickets, there are only 200 available! Each ticket is €15.00 and includes a yummy buffet, sausages from the BBQ, lovely desserts and awesome entertainment by our own teachers' Band JJ and the Substitutes followed by the coolest DJ in town. So let’s party!

Here is how to purchase your tickets for pick-up at the door on June 4th. Please transfer €15.00 per ticket to:

Kontoinhaberin: Ruth Wimmer
Berliner Sparkasse
DE37 1005 0000 6015 6364 57
Stichwort Boogie Night 2016


Buy your tickets in front of the Primary on May 23rd through May 27th, between 7:45-8:00 in the mornings and 15:45-16:15 in the afternoons (except on Friday)!

Thank you all for your continued support – and see you on June 4th!

Your Boogie Night Team,
Anja Spiller, Ivos Piacentini, Katja Lehming, Maria Bahlmann, Sylee Gore & Ruth Wimmer

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gesamtsieg und dem Gewinn des Wanderpokals beim Wilmersdorfer Staffeltag 2016!

Am 3. Mai fanden die traditionellen Hubertusstaffeln der Schulen von Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf im Stadion Wilmersdorf statt. An den Wettkämpfen der OS nahmen insgesamt 8 Schulteams teil. Das Team unserer Sekundarstufe startete mit 29 Schülerinnen und Schülern in 5 Staffelrennen.  Gesprintet wurde über jeweils 6 x 400 m. Die Benutzung von Spikes und Noppenschuhe war nicht gestattet.

Bei traumhaftem Frühlingswetter und einer tollen Stimmung im Team gewannen unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler mit der Platzziffer 8 (2x Platz 1 und 2x Platz 3) sowie der Zugabe, dem Sieg der gemischten Offenen Jahrgangsstaffel, nach einem Jahr Pause wieder den Wanderpokal für die schnellste Schule von Wilmersdorf.