Never under-estimate the power of communication, is what I always say, and especially amongst teachers. One day, as I and my colleague were walking down one of the lovely Charlottenburg streets, we began noticing the lovely doors. We started brain-storming for good ideas for a project that we could do with our students and came up with the creative project, “The Story Behind the Door”.

Shortly before our last holidays, I asked my students to look for and take pictures of interesting doors. I asked them to think of a conflict, a family or an incident that might have occurred behind that door. After a lot of “grumbling” because many felt that that there might be some kind of “hidden” homework involved, my students left to go on holidays.

I was not expecting the surprise that I was greeted with on their return from holidays. Each and every single one of my students had written an amazing short account about a story behind a door. Of course, the picture of the door that had inspired them had to be handed in with the typed up story.

Many of the stories  were so good that I thought, “all of this great talent cannot go to waste”. So, together with my students, we decided to record 9 of the stories from each of the three classes. The tough process of listening to the stories and of deciding together which we wanted to publish began with many a tough comment, critique or request to revise or review the stories.

I am really proud of the outcome and of our students who have literally become “published writers” overnight. They went about the project with so much heartfelt industriousness that touched me deeply. I hope you enjoy listening to the stories as well as I did.

Nihal Adler
for 7ab, 7cd and 8cd

A Scientist’s Secret, by Kim-Leanne Pogade

A Short Story, by Greta Masche

Close the Door, by Annike Bussert

Close Your Pretty Eyes, by Charlotte Fernback

Dry Blood, by Victoria Lewin

Moving Behind an Expensive Door, by Serraphin Hesse

The Chain is Behind the Door, by Kaya Weissert

The Larger the Door The Crueller the Heart, by Mia Gerhard

The Room Behind the Door, by Ciara Kinnarney

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