Primary: With great joy two teams of the NMS Primary took part in the Berlin MiniMarathon. It was an unbelievable experience to start with 14,000 students and finish at the Brandenburg Gate cheered by so many spectators. 

Nach nur 1 Woche Schulzeit fand am 14. September der Staffeltag im Mommsenstadion statt. Mit dabei war ein Team der Sekundarstufe der Nelson-Mandela-Schule mit 31 Schülerinnen und Schülern. Gelaufen wurden die Staffeln über je 4 x 100 m und 3 x 800 m. Wir starteten in 11 von 12 Staffeln, belegten 7 x eine Top 3 Platzierung, erreichten davon 4 x Platz 1 oder 2.

Dear Parents, dear Students, dear Colleagues,

the first week of school has already flown by, and we think you would appreciate an up-date on how things are going at the NMS School.

The start of school ceremony – or Einschulung – for first graders was touching. We hope that all who attended enjoyed the festivities on Saturday, 10 September. The school team extends a warm welcome to all the new members. We are looking forward to working closeley with all of you to ensure the best possible educational experience for our students.

On Saturday we welcomed the new Flex pupils into the school. It was lovely to see so many proud children marching on stage, to meet new families, and to welcome familiar faces once again. Welcome to the NMS community!! 

A big "thank you" goes to the children who performed on stage, to the teachers, and to the volunteers who helped making this day a special one. 

Do you have more pictures of the Einschulung that you'd like to share? Send them to buzz@... We will publish them on the website.

Am 21. September 2016 war es soweit! Mit einer zweistündigen, vielseitigen und sehr informativen Auftaktveranstaltung wurde die Kulturpartnerschaft unserer Schule mit dem Bauhaus-Archiv eingeläutet. Mit dabei sind acht weitere Berliner Schulen, die insgesamt von zwei Bauhaus-Agentinnen betreut werden. Wir freuen uns auf die vierjährige Zusammenarbeit mit Friederike Holländer (Foto links).

Results are in and we would like to congratulate the graduates on a job well done!  84% of NMS students received the diploma and the average score was 32 points.  This keeps us above the world average of 80% and 30 points.  The students that did not receive the diploma are already registered for retakes and I am confident, just as in years past, that they will successfully complete their exams.  This was the case last year as well.  The retakers received their diplomas giving the class of 2015 a passing rate of 95%!

The challenge now goes to the current students to keep the tradition going and the bar high. You can do it!

The summer is here and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine – or catch some little monsters. As Pokémon Go has become an overnight hit since its release less than two weeks ago, it may be good for kids and parents to get some background information. The game is fascinating and fun – but the first warnings on sites such as Common Sense and Medienratgeber ‘Schaut Hin!’ have already popped up, some for good reason.

Some advice on dealing the the Pokémon Go! phenomenon by NMS teacher and head of IT Annemieke Akkermans is below.

Two Things To Do

(unless you’ve done this already)

1 Students, parents & guardians, register for the NMS Buzz!
(What is the Buzz?)


2 Parents & guardians, pay for the Educational Package!

Participation is ongoing throughout the school year; all you need to do is make the flatrate payment to receive educational materials for your child/children.

Any questions?

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