Florentine Baumann, Head of the Art Department writes on 09 May 2012:

Dear Colleagues, Parents, School Community,

On Thursday, 26th of April 2012, the IB Theatre group, many of whom are graduating this year, performed A Doll's House together with the 11th grade. The revolutionary play about a woman who decides to break free from her repressive husband caused ripples in the 19th century because of its feminist ideas.

This Friday 20.04.2012 at 10.00 am in the schoolyard, as part of the student’s plans for a „Grüne Lümmeloase“

More information... (pdf, in German)

The contract was recently signed with the architects Henge and the final planning stage has begun (see photos below for examples of how the hill will look). Start of final construction will be in mid-June 2012.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an zwei NMS-Teams für die Qualifikation zum Bundesfinale der SCHULLIGA!

The IB Visual Art Students of 2012 of the Nelson Mandela School would like to cordially invite you to their final art exhibition on Friday 20 April 2012 at 7pm at Nelson Mandela School, Secondary campus, Pfalzburger Str. 30,10717, Berlin, 2nd floor in the New Building.

The NMS Primary’s Frühlingsfest 2012 was a great success for the students and parents who participated. Beautiful decorations were made for Easter and Springtime + the fest raised close to 1500 € for the schoolyard project!

Thank you to all the educators and teachers who helped make the fest a success!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below.

On Tuesday, 27 March 2012, the Nelson Mandela School community said goodbye to the school's founding principal, Michael Hertz.

Speech by Leo Bruckmann, Abitur student (pdf, in German)

Tagesspiegel article (in German) on his retirement: Online version, pdf version.

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